History of the Town of Goshen Connecticut with Genealogies and Biographies Based Upon the Records of Deacon Lewis Mills Norton 1897
The Myth of the Birth of the Hero A Psychological Interpretation of Mythology
Career and Conversation of John Swinton Journalist Orator Economist
History of the Sixth New Hampshire Regiment in the War for the Union
Mary Stuart a Tragedy with an Intr and Notes by A Bernays
Simple Lessons in Irish Giving the Pronunciation of Each Word Volume 5
Max Presents Portraits Sketches Vignettes and Pictorial Memoranda of Men Women and Other Animals
The Palace of Minos A Comparative Account of the Successive Stages of the Early Cretan Civilization as Illustrated by the Discoveries at Knossos
Tudor Constitutional Documents AD 1485-1603
Quincy Adams Shaw Collection
A Jewish State an Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question
A History of the City of Newark New Jersey Embracing Practically Two and a Half Centuries 1666-1913 Volume 3
Biographical History of North Carolina from Colonial Times to the Present Volume 4
A Topographical Dictionary of England Comprising the Several Counties Cities Boroughs Corporate Market Towns the Islands of Guernsey Jersey and Man with Historical and Statistical Descriptions Illustrated by Maps of the Different Counties
William the Conqueror and the Rule of the Normans
A History of Peeblesshire
The Hieron of Xenophon The Text Adapted for the Use of Schools
The Childs History of the United States Designed as a First Book of History for Schools Illustrated by Numerous Anecdotes
Laws of the Sea With Reference to Maritime Commerce During Peace and War
Chaucer for Children [selected from the Canterbury Tales and Minor Poems with a Metrical Version in Mod Engl] by Mrs HR Haweis
A Treatise on the Transit Instrument As Applied to the Determination of Time for the Use of Country Gentlemen
Gitanjali Song Offerings
Luthers Correspondence and Other Contemporary Letters Volume 1
Costume in England A History of Dress from the Earliest Period Till the Close of the Eighteenth Century To Which Is Appended an Illustrated Glossary of Terms for All Articles of Use or Ornament Worn about the Person
The Blackboard in Sunday-School
Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth Part I Historical Sketch and Titles of Estates Part II Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families
The Works of Charles Kingsley Hypatia and II Volume I
A Course in Exterior Ballistics Ordnance Textbook
Piano Compositions 32 Variations Op191 C Minor Rondo Op51 No2 G Major Sonatas No21 Op53 C Major No23 Op57 F Minor No 28 Op90 E Minor No32 Op111 C Minor Bagatelles Op119
Crochet Doilies and Edgings
The Complete Writings of Thomas Say on the Entomology of North America Volume 1
The Budget
The History and Traditions of the Isle of Skye
Grammar and Vocabulary of the Bullom Language
The Aesthetic and Miscellaneous Works of Frederick Von Schlegel Comprising Letters on Christian Art an Essay on Gothic Architecture Remarks on the Romance-Poetry of the Middle Ages and on Shakespere [sic] on the Limits of the Beautiful on the Languag
The Restoration of the Gild System
The Copper Tin and Bronze Coinage and Patterns for Coins of England From the Reign of Elizabeth to That of Her Present Majesty
History of the City of Watervliet NY 1630 to 1910
The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
A Careful and Strict Inquiry Into the Modern Prevailing Notions of That Freedom of the Will
I Believe in God and in Evolution
The Lusitanias Last Voyage
History of the Sixteenth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers
History of Douglas County Illinois
Asias Message to Europe A Lecture Delivered on the Occasion of the Fifty-Third Anniversary of the Brahmo Somaj at the Town Hall Calcutta on Saturday the 20th January 1883
A Dictionary and Glossary of the Kor- n With Copious Grammatical References and Explanations of the Text Arabic-English
Alcide Tragedie En Musique Represent Par lAcademie Royale de Musique
Clinical Surgery Extracts from the Reports of Surgical Practice Between the Years 1860-1876 Translated from the Original and Edited with Annotations by C T Dent
The Phantom Bouquet A Popular Treatise on the Art of Skeletonizing Leaves and Seed-Vessels and Adapting Them to Embellish the Home of Taste
Plane and Spherical Trigonometry
Minnesota Histor Volume 3
The Making of Solidarity Jim Eitel and the Nicaragua Information Center Oral History Transcript 1990
Ancestry and Life of Josiah Sibley
The Majesty of Calmness Individual Problems and Possibilities
History of Barnesville Ohio
Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions Being a Comparison of the Old and New Testament Myths and Miracles with Those of Heathen Nations of Antiquity Considering Also Their Origin and Meaning
Ancestors Descendants of Levin James Chatham and Naomi Elizabeth Eshom Family
Jesse Beerys Practical System of Colt Training
The Birds of Berkshire County Massachusetts
An Illustrated History of Walla Walla County State of Washington
The Original Mother Gooses Melody
Around the World on a Bicycle Volume 1
Cartularium Abbathiae de Rievalle 83
A Discourse Pronounced at the Capitol of the United States in the Hall of Representatives Before the American Historical Society
Catalogue of Antiquities in the National Museum of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Perspective Or the Art of Drawing What One Sees Explained and Adapted to the Use of Those Sketching from Nature
Picturesque Fayette and Its People A Review of Fayette Howard County Missouri Giving Something of the History and Progress Present Advantages Business Interests Churches Colleges Schools Residences Near-By Country Homes and Country Life
Tarltons Jests and News Out of Purgatory
Children of the Soil
Perpetual Health How to Secure a New Lease of Life by the Exercise of Will Power in Following Out the Combined Cantani-Schroth Cure
Water Analysis for Sanitary Purposes With Hints for the Interpretation of Results
The Whole Works of the Late Rev Mr Ebenezer Erskine Minister of the Gospel at Stirling Consisting of Sermons and Discourses on the Most Important and Interesting Subjects Volume 1
Report of JW Edmonds United States Commissioner Upon the Disturbance at the Potawatamie Payment September 1836
Sir Thomas More A Play Now First Printed
Early History and Reminiscences of Catasauqua in Pennsylvania
The Letters of Amerigo Vespucci and Other Documents Illustrative of His Career
General Public Acts of Congress Respecting the Sale and Disposition of the Public Lands with Instructions Issued from Time to Time Part 1
Descendants of Edward Small of New England and the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry Volume 1
Educational Woodwork A Text Book for the Use of Instructors and Students in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Harvard Law Review Volume 16
Calendar of Queens University at Kingston Canada Faculty of Arts
Polish Songs With German and English Words Op 74
The History of Sligo Town and County Volume 1
The Electric Furnace in Iron and Steel Production
A History of the Coldstream Guards from 1815 to 1895
The Poetical Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard Earl of Surrey With a Memoir of Each
Dr Kelloggs Lectures on Practical Health Topics Volume 4
The Eastern or Turkish Bath Its History Revival in Britain and Application to the Purposes of Health
History of the Chicago Tribune Published in Commemoration of Its Seventy-Fifth Birthday June Tenth Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Two
Historical Sketches of Scalby Burniston and Cloughton With Descriptive Notices of Hayburn Wyke and Stainton Dale in the County of York
The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus Tr by Doctor Everard [ed by JF] with Intr Preliminary Essay by H Jennings
The Jumblies and Other Nonsense Verses
Artist-Biographies Murillo
Holiday Tales Christmas in the Adirondacks
Cartolai Illuminators and Printers in Fifteenth-Century Italy The Evidence of the Ripoli Press
An Etymological Dictionary of the French Language Crowned by the French Academy
Sentences and Thinking A Practice Book in Sentence Making
Little Journeys to the Homes of Good Men and Great Volume 1
History of the Moorhead Family from the Latter Part of the Sixteenth Century to the Present Time
History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre or the Butchery in Cold Blood of 134 Men Women and Children by Mormons and Indians September 1857 Also a Full and Complete Account of the Trial Confession and Execution of John D Lee the Leader of the Murde
The Prayers of Doctor Samuel Johnson
Lettering for Commercial Purposes
Little Wars A Game for Boys from Twelve Years of Age to One Hundred and Fifty and for That More Intelligent Sort of Girls Who Like Boys Games and Books
A Directory and Picture of Cork and Its Environs
Life of Rev Justin Perkins DD Pioneer Missionary to Persia
Portrait and Biographical Album Mecosta County Mich Containing Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Citizens Also a Complete History of the County from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
A History of Preaching Volume 1
The Little Apostle on Crutches
A Business Mans Views of Public Matters
The Normal Mode of Secretion in the Thyroid Gland
Engineering Study Seattle Monorail
The Westover Journal of John A Selden Esqr 1858-1862
A Monograph of the Fossil Insects of the British Coal Measures
The Management Process Management Information and Control Systems and Cybernetics
Narrative Techniques in the Short Stories of Juan Rulfo
Mag na Hausa Native Literature or Proverbs Tales Fables and Historical Fragments in the Hausa Language
Tiberius Gracchus an Historical Tragedy
World Wide Endeavor The Story of the Young Peoples Society of Christian Endeavor from the Beginning and in All Lands
The Novices or Young Seamans Catechism to Which Are Added Useful Hints on First Joining a Man-Of-War
Guide to the United States for the Jewish Immigrant A Nearly Literal Translation of the 2D Yiddish Ed
Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington
Degeneration A Chapter in Darwinism
A Narrative of Some Remarkable Incidents in the Life of Solomon Bayley Formerly a Slave in the State of Delaware North America
The Decay and the Restoration of Civilization
Skill in Trials Containing a Variety of Civil and Criminal Cases Won by the Art of Advocates With Some of the Skill of Webster Choate Beach Butler Curtis Davis Fountain and Others Given in Sketches of Their Work and Trial Stories with New Selec
Reproductions from Illuminated Manuscripts Fifty Plates from Mss in the R Medicean Laurentian Library with Preface and Illustrative Notes by Dr Guido Biagi
The History of the Family of Dallas And Their Connections and Descendants from the Twelfth Century
The New Tactics of Infantry (studies In)
The Breeding Habits and the Segmentation of the Egg of the Pipefish (Siphostoma Florid )
A Book of Pictures in Roland Park Baltimore Maryland
The Sources and Authenticity of the History of the Ancient Mexicans
The Wild Rice Gatherers of the Upper Lakes A Study in American Primitive Economics
Flowers of the Field and Forest from Original Water-Color Drawings After Nature
Essays on the Active Powers of the Human Mind An Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense And an Essay on Quantity
Place and Field Names Cookham Parish Berks
A Vocabulary of Proper Names in Chinese and English of Places Persons Tribes and Sects in China Japan Corea Annam Siam Burmah the Straits and Adjacent Countries
Personal Aspects of Jane Austen
Poems of Emily Bront
Principles and Practice of Direct Advertising
Notes and Queries Historical Biographical and Genealogical Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania
The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses Or Moses Magical Spirit-Art Known as the Wonderful Arts of the Old Wise Hebrews Taken from the Mosaic Books of the Cabala and the Talmud for the Good of Mankind Translated from the German Word for Word Accordi
Nicaragua War of the Filibusters
Charles Kingsley and the Christian Social Movement
Foundations and Foundation Walls For All Classes of Buildings Pile Driving Building Stones and Bricks Pier and Wall Construction Mortars Limes Cements Concretes Stuccos Etc 60 Illustrations
The Last Macdonalds of Isla
The Road to Power
Forest Runes
Wild Flowers of Scotland
Von Der Mannigfachen Bedeutung Des Seienden Nach Aristoteles
The Grape Vine Its Propagation and Culture
King Lear
Caesars Gallic War Books I-IV
Practical Military Surveying and Sketching With the Use of the Compass and Sextant Theodolite Mountain Barometer Etc
The Logic of Figures or Comparative Results or Homoeopathic and Other Treatments
J Wilkes Booth An Account of His Sojourn in Southern Maryland After the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln His Passage Across the Potomac and His Death in Virginia
Astro-Theology or the Religion of Astronomy
Twenty Bohemian Folk-Songs English and Bohemian Texts
Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit Volume 1
A Guide to the Town Abbey and Antiquities of Bury St Edmunds With Brief Notices of the Villages Country Seats Within a Circuit of Eight Miles
A Translation of Dantes Inferno
Micronesia Fifty Years in the Island World A History of the Mission of the American Board
Robert Adam Artist and Architect His Works and His System
History of the Choctaw Chickasaw and Natchez Indians
The Emir of Bokhara and His Country Journeys and Studies in Bokhara (with a Chapter on My Voyage on the Amu Darya to Khiva)
Choice of Emblemes a Fac-Simile Reprint
Democratic Vistas and Other Papers
The Wisdom of Ben Sira Portions of the Book of Ecclesiasticus from Hebrew Manuscripts in the Cairo Genizah Collection Presented to the University of Cambridge by the Editors
Montezuma an Epic on the Origin and Fate of the Aztec Nation
The Chinese Theatre
The Steam Turbine the Rede Lecture 1911
The Works of Christopher Marlowe
The Japanese Floral Calendar
Seder Hagadah = Home-Service for Passover Eve
Atlanta Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution
Lovers Gift and Crossing
Admiral Togo
Life and Remarkable Adventures of Israel R Potter (a Native of Cranston Rhode-Island)
Cathlamet on the Columbia
Instructions for the Guidance of Her Majestys Naval Officers Employed in the Suppression of the Slave Trade
Physiology First Aid and Naval Hygiene A Text Book for the Department of Naval Hygiene and Physiology at the U S Naval Academy Annapolis Maryland
Die Ziege Ihre Haltung Pflege F tterung Zucht Usw
The Writings of James Fintan Lalor With an Introduction Embodying Personal Recollections
Some Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston Being a Collection of Sketches of Notable Men and Mercantile Houses Prominent During the Early Half of the Nineteenth Century in the Commerce and Shipping of Boston
The Genealogy of the Family of Gamaliel Gerould Son of Dr Jacques (or James) Jerauld Of the Province of Languedoc France
History of the Philharmonic Society of London 1813-1912 A Record of a Hundred Years Work in the Cause of Music
The Newtonian
Historical Sermon of Rev Cyrus Cort D D in the First Reformed Church of Greensburg Pa October 13 1907 During the Sessions of the Pittsburg Synod to Commemorate the Services of the Pioneer Pastor of the Reformed Church in Western Pennsylvania on
The Tales of Mother Goose
The Tourists Pocket Book Containing Useful Words and Simple Phrases in English French German Italian Spanish Portuguese Dutch and Hungarian Medical and Surgical Hints Cypher Code for Telegrams and Post Cards Blank Forms of Washing Lists
Styles of Ornament
A New System of Hand-Railing Cut Square to the Plank Without the Aid of Falling Moulds a New and Easy Method of Forming Hand-Rails by an Old Stair-Builder
A Study of Slavery in New Jersey
Winchester Word-Book A Collection of Past Present Notions
The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude Virgin and Abbess of the Order of St Benedict
The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated
Electric Arc Welding
Steam Locomotive Construction and Maintenance Describing Workshop Equipment and Practice in the Construction of Modern Steam Railway Locomotives with Notes on Inspection Testing Maintenance and Repairs
Sonnets to Duse and Other Poems
The Mythology of Vergils Aeneid According to Servius
Taras Bulba
Starting Current of Transformers with Special Reference to Transformers with Silicon Steel Cores
A Silver Cord Loosed in Memoriam Mary Stoddard Johnson
Manners for the Metropolis An Entrance Key to the Fantastic Life of the 400
History of Santa Barbara San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties California Volume 2
History of the Medical Profession
The New Building Estimator A Practical Guide to Estimating the Cost of Labor and Material in Building Construction from Excavation to Finish With Various Practical Examples of Work Presented in Detail and with Labor Figured Chiefly in Hours and Quanti
The Eagle Regiment 8th Wis Infty Vols a Sketch of Its Marches Battles and Campaigns from 1861 to 1865 with a Complete Regimental and Company Roster and a Few Portraits and Sketches of Its Officers and Commanders
A Handbook of British Butterflies Being an Outline of the Distribution of All the British Butterflies Together with Their Food Plants Times of Appearance and Favorite Places of Resort
Initia Philosophiae Practicae Primae Acroamatice
The Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania Or Ireland in America A True Narrative
Mineral Waters of the United States and Their Therapeutic Uses
Friction Lubrication and the Lubricants in Horology
Polly Cologne
The Relative Position of Actors and Chorus in the Greek Theatre of the Fifth Century
Peter Paul Rubens Issue 35
Indulgences as a Social Factor in the Middle Ages
The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Masterpieces of German Literature Translated Into English Volume 13
Muscle Spasm and Degeneration in Intrathoracic Inflammations Their Importance as Diagnostic AIDS and Their Influence in Producing and Altering the Well Established Physical Signs Also a Consideration of Their Part in the Causation of Changes in the Bony
Churchwardens Accounts of St Mary the Great Cambridge From 1504 to 1635
Life of the Emperor Karl the Great
John of Gaunt His Life and Character
The History of Bavaria From the First Ages to This Present Year 1706
Specifications for Triple-Expansion Twin-Screw Propelling Engines with Boilers Auxiliary Machinery for a Protected Cruiser of about 5500 Tons Cruising Displacement
An Experimental Study of Sleep (from the Physiological Laboratory of the Harvard Medical School and from Sidis Laboratory)
Annual Report on Essential Oils Synthetic Perfumes C
History of the Town and Castle of Cardiff
The Pearl of Orrs Island
A Sketch of the Town of Yeovil Describing Its Natural Features of Site and Soil Its Staple Trade and Ancient and Present Government with Brief Accounts of Its Ecclesiastical and Other Buildings Its Banking Establishments Church-Lands Schools
The Land Tax Its Creation and Management with Practical Instructions for Land Tax Commissioners Clerks Assessors and Collectors as Well as for the Public Wishing to Appeal or to Redeem the Tax
Pierson Genealogical Records
A Selection from the Histories of Herodotus
Aeroplane Design
The Golliwogg in Holland
Twentieth Century Magic and the Construction of Modern Magical Apparatus With the Introduction of New Experiments Mechanical Chemical Electrical
Theoretical Mechanics With an Introduction to the Calculus
Vademecum Novitiorum Fratrum B[eatae] V[irginis] Mariae de Monte Carmelo Discalceatorum
The Works Being the Sum of His Sermons Meditations and Other Divine and Moral Discourses with Memoir by Joseph Angus Volume 2
Thirst And Other One Act Plays
Genealogies of the Male Descendants of Daniel Dod of Branford Conn a Native of England 1646 to 1863
Ellastone Parish Register 1538-1700
The Hound of Heaven An Interpretation
Elements of South-Indian Palaeography from the Fourth to the Seventeenth Century AD Being an Introduction to the Study of South-Indian Inscriptions and Mss
The Rights of Women a Comparison of the Relative Legal Status of the Sexes in the Chief Countries of Western Civilisation
The Fight for Conservation
The Gospel According to Saint Matthew And Part of the First Chapter of the Gospel According to Saint Mark
The Westminster Confession of Faith with Notes by J MacPherson
Livre Des Enfants Pour l tude Du Fran ais
Mental Arithmetic Or First Lessons in Numbers For Children
A Treatise on the Principles of Pleading
An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic On the Basis of Recently Discovered Texts
The Cherokee Indians With Special Reference to Their Relations with the United States Government
Monumental and Other Inscriptions in the Churches of Stoak Backford and Thornton-Le-Moors in the County of Chester
Scientific Rabbit Breeding
Premillennialism Non-Scriptural Non-Historic Non-Scientific Non-Philosophical
The American Occupation of the Philippines 1898-1912
An Enumeration of the Vascular Plants Known from Surinam Together with Their Distribution and Synonymy
Proceedings of the Fifth Conference for Education in the South Held at Athens Georgia April 24 25 and 26 1902
Details of Elizabethan Architecture
The Registers of Askham Richard in the Ainsty of York 1579-1812 Volume 31
Designing Boys and Juveniles Clothing A Complete and Reliable System for Drafting All Kinds of Garments
Veterinary Anatomy Histology Physiology and Comparative Anatomy
History of the OMahony Septs of Kinelmeky and Ivagha
The Second Law of Thermodynamics Memoirs by Carnot Clausius and Thomson
Summer Excursion Routes Via the Valley of the Schuylkill and the Catawissa Route and Via the Valleys of the Schuylkill the Perkiomen
The Band Saw A Guide Book for Filers Sawyers and Woodworkers
Architectural Proportion a New System of Proportion Showing the Relation Between an Order of Architecture and a Building of Any Kind Rules for Finding the Height of Foundations Bases Watertables Window Sills Doors Windows Balustrades and Superimp
The Common Weal Six Lectures on Political Philosophy
A History of the Thrasher Family Traced Through the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries in England and America
Iroquois Uses of Maize and Other Food Plants
Mason and Dixons Line A History Including an Outline of the Boundary Controversy Between Pennsylvania and Virginia
New Town a Proposal in Agricultural Industrial Educational Civic and Social Reconstruction
The Comedies of Plautus Volume 1
The Original Lists of Persons of Quality Emigrants Religious Exiles Political Rebels Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years Apprentices Children Stolen Maidens Pressed And Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700
The Briton in Germany Being a Pocket Interpreter and Guide to Germany and Its Language Containing Travel Talk and Idiomatic Expressions
Latin Historical Inscriptions Illustrating the History of the Early Empire
A Selection from the Prolegomena of Ibn Khaldun with Notes and an English-German Glossary by Duncan B MacDonald
Frenzied Finance Volume 1
A Defence of Prejudice and Other Essays
The Knights of England a Complete Record from the Earliest Time to the Present Day of the Knights of All the Orders of Chivalry in England Scotland and Ireland and of Knights Bachelors Incorporating a Complete List of Knights Bachelors Dubbed in Irel
Machine Molding Foundry Appliances Malleable Casting Brass Founding Blacksmith-Shop Equipment Iron Forging Tool Dressing Hardening Tempering Treatment of Low-Carbon Steel Hammer Work Machine Forging Special Forging Operations
Key to the Questions Contained in Wests Elements of English Grammar and English Grammar for Beginners
The History of England Volume 8
Knitting Calculations A Cross-Indexed Text Book of Practical Problems in Flat and Rib Knitting on the Interrelation of Yarn Number Diameter Needles Per Inch Stitches Miscellaneous Problems And So on
Genealogy of a Portion of the Descendants of William Chase Who Came to America in 1630 and Died in Yarmouth Massachusetts May 1659
Illustrated Catalogue and Price List
Hunting in Florida in 1874
Illustrated Instruction Book for the Bickford Family Knitting Machine
The Keystone Systems Coats Vests and Trousers
Rarey the Horses Master and Friend
History and Art Souvenir of DuBois County
Cilley Family
Strongs Book of Designs A Masterpiece of Modern Ornamental Art
Collected Studies on Immunity
The Battle of Jutland 31 May-1 June 1916
The 56th Engineers in the World War
The Hound of Heaven
Southworth with Collateral Lines Buckingham Collier Kirtland Pratt Shipman Ancestral Record of Henry Martyn Lewis
The Terrible Tragedy at Washington Assassination of President Lincoln Last Hours and Death-Bed Scenes of the President
Three Essays On Picturesque Beauty on Picturesque Travel and on Sketching Landscape To Which Is Added a Poem on Landscape Painting
Hunting Fishing in the South
The McCauslands of Donaghanie and Allied Families
The Hunting of the Snark An Agony in Eight Fits
Shakespeare-Lexicon a Complete Dictionary of All the English Words Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet
Plant Succession An Analysis of the Development of Vegetation
Fiat Money Inflation in France
Daughters of Armenia
Compend of Christian Doctrines Held by Baptists In Catechism
Seven Centuries in the Kneeland Family
The Stickney Family A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of William and Elizabeth Stickney from 1637 to 1869
Character Education Methods
Astra Castra Experiments and Adventures in the Atmosphere
A Short History of Asylum Pennsylvania Founded in 1793 by the French Exiles in America
Crete The Forerunner of Greece
Nature Lovers Poems
Collected Reprints Volume 1
Asymptotic Evaluation of Diffraction Integrals
Regulation of Elevation and Discharge of the Great Lakes Designs for Gates Sluices Locks Etc in the Niagara and St Clair Rivers
Life of Jehudi Ashmun Late Colonial Agent in Liberia With an Appendix Containing Extracts from His Journal and Other Writings With a Brief Sketch of the Life of the Rev Lott Cary
The Woods-McAfee Memorial Containing an Account of John Woods and James McAfee of Ireland and Their Descendants in America
The Story of the 6th Battalion the Durham Light Infantry France April 1915-November 1918
The Preparation of Potassium Perchlorate
The Art of EM Forster
Environmental Analysis for the Swamp Ridge Timber Sale 2003
On Greenhow Hill
An Easie Introduction to the Philosophers Magical Gold To Which Is Added Zor[o]asters Cave As Also John Pontanus Epistle Upon the Mineral Fire Otherwise Called the Philosophers Stone
Chinese Miscellany
Baptist Beliefs
Zoography Or the Beauties of Nature Displayed in Select Descriptions from the Animal and Vegetable with Additions from the Mineral Kingdom Systematical Arranged Volume 1
A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland Including the Isle of Man Comprising an Account of Their Geological Structure With Remarks on Their Agriculture Scenery and Antiquities Volume 2
Poet Lore Volume 18
In Memory of Ernst Krackowizer
The Influence of the Sympathetic on Disease
Bracton and His Relation to the Roman Law A Contribution to the History of the Roman Law in the Middle Ages
History of Manual and Industrial Education 1870 to 1917
Le Misanthrope Com die with Notes Revised by FEA Gasc and W Holmes
The Trezevant Family in the United States From the Date of the Arrival of Daniel Trezevant Huguenot at Charles Town South Carolina in 1685 to the Present Date
Latin Manuscripts An Elementary Introduction to the Use of Critical Editions for High School and College Clases
The Purple Stockings
The Natural Speller and Word Book
The Grounds and Reasons of Christian Regeneration or the New Birth
Bells Latin Course for the First Year in Three Parts Part 1
Voyages to the East-Indies Volume 1
Mines and Mineral Resources of Plumas County
Ore Dressing In Four Volumes Index
The Two Liturgies A D 1549 and A D 1552 With Other Documents Set Forth by Authority in the Reign of King Edward VI Viz the Order of Communion 1548 the Primer 1553 the Catechism and Articles 1553 Catechismus Brevis 1553
What Is Fair A Study of Some Problems of Public Utility Regulation
Stephen Lincoln of Oakham Mass His Ancestry and Descendants
Picture Puzzles Or How to Read the Bible by Symbols Designed Especially for the Boys and Girls to Stimulate a Greater Interest in the Holy Bible
Sketches in North America and the Oregon Territory
Economics I
4-H Club Work Effect on Capability and Personal Quality
Lights and Shades in San Francisco
A Campaign from Santa Fe to the Mississippi Being a History of the Old Sibley Brigade from Its First Organization to the Present Time Its Campaigns in New Mexico Arizona Texas Louisiana and Arkansas in the Years of 1861-2-3-4
The Republic of the Future Or Socialism a Reality
The Genealogy of the Wyatt Family
Atlas of Saint John City and County New Brunswick
The Descendants of Isaac Colburn Jr Of West Dedham Massachusetts
Brehms Life of Animals A Complete Natural History for Popular Home Instruction and for the Use of Schools
Origin and Fall of the Alamo March 6 1836
The Parisian Tailor Complete Instructor and Practical Guide to Ladies Tailoring
The Art of Retouching Photographic Negatives
Loom-Fixing and Weaving a Book for All Who Are Interested in Such Matters
The Book of the Honey Bee
Lucretius on Life and Death in the Metre of Omar Khayy m To Which Are Appended Parallel Passages from the Original By WH Mallock
Relativity the Electron Theory and Gravitation
Advent Christian History A Concise Narrative of the Origin and Progress Doctrine and Work of This Body of Believers
History of Missouri in Words of One Syllable
Mechanical Drawing Prepared for the Use of the Students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston Mass
Nicaraguan Antiquities
The New World Compared with the Old A Description of the American Government Institutions and Enterprises and of Those of Our Great Rivals at the Present Time Particularly England and France
Citrus Fruits and Their Culture
The Philadelphia Negro a Social Study
Genealogy of the Durand Whalley Barnes and Yale Families With the Crests of the Durand and Yale Families and a Collection of Portraits and Photographs
The Scope and Importance to the State of the Science of National Eugenics
The H tel Des Invalides
The Jamesons in America 1647-1900 Genealogical Records and Memoranda
Letters of the Rev Dr Beecher and Rev Mr Nettleton on the New Measures in Conducting Revivals of Religion With a Review of a Sermon by Novanglus Volume 3
The Method of Archimedes Recently Discovered by Heiberg A Supplement to the Works of Archimedes 1897
Principles of Government Accounting and Reporting
Rythmique La Enseignement Pour Le D veloppement de lInstinct Rythmique Et M trique Du Sens de lHarmonie Plastique Et de lEquilibre Des Mouvements Et Pour La R gularisation Des Habitudes Motrices Volume 1
The Roller Canary Its Breeding Rearing and Training
the Golden Trout of the Southern High Sierras
Genealogy and History of the Newkirk Hamilton and Bayless Families
Gulfport Mississippi the Gateway to Panama
Reminiscences A Sketch and Letters Descriptive of Life in Person County in Former Days
Effects of Borax and Boracic Acid on the Human System
Travels in the East Indian Archipelago
New Method A Key to the Exercises of the First Latin Course
Indian Industrial School Carlisle Pa
Descendants of John Pitman the First of the Name in the Colony of Rhode Island
How to Learn Gaelic Orthographical Instructions Grammar and Reading Lessons
The Goodwins of Kittery York County Maine
Elementary Algebra for Schools Containing a Full Treatment of Graphs with Answers
The Campaign of Chancellorsville
Genealogy of That Branch of the Palmers Emanating from the Marriage of Gershom Palmer Son of Walter Palmer of Nottinghamshire England and Ann Denison AD 1667
Souvenir of the Charles Larned Memorial and the Free Public Library Oxford Massachusetts 1906
A History of the Cobb Family Volume Series 4
Official History of the 120th Infantry 3rd North Carolina 30th Division from August 5 1917 to April 17 1919 Canal Sector Ypres-Lys Offensive Somme Offensive
The Bonanza Rabbitry Manual A Practical Treatise Presenting Tested and Approved Methods for the Mating Feeding Management Exhibiting and Marketing of the Belgian Hare Noblest of the Rabbit Family
Ringer Family of Nova Scotia [1763-1922] A Genealogy
Sepulchral Memorials of Bobbingworth Essex With Genealogical Notes and Pedigrees
Collectanea Bradfordiana a Collection of Papers on the History of Bradford Collated and Ed by A Holroyd
Mastitis of the Cow
Royal Bounty
Talbot Genealogy [the Genealogical History of Peter Talbot the Emigrant and Some of His Descendants]
The Crisis
Technical Papers on Miscellaneous Forest Insects I Contributions Toward a Monograph of the Bark-Weevils of the Genus Pissodes
Descendants of John Fairman of Enfield Conn 1683-1898
A Chronological Genealogy of James Cowan Sr and His Descendants
The Scots Peerage Founded on Woods Edition of Sir Robert Douglass Peerage of Scotland Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of That Kingdom Volume 2
Parsons Family Descendants of Cornet Joseph Parsons Springfield 1636--Northampton 1655 Volume 1
Asparagus Its Culture for Home Use and for Market A Practical Treatise on the Planting Cultivation Harvesting Marketing and Preserving of Asparagus with Notes on Its History and Botany
The House of Gordon
The Girl Who Found the Blue Bird A Visit to Helen Keller
Dunbar Family
The Elder and His Work
The History of England from the Accession of Richard II to the Death of Richard III (1377-1485)
The Rogers Locomotive Company Paterson New Jersey
Karl Bitter A Biography
Index of Names from Blackford and Grant County Indiana History (1914)
List of References on Child Labor
Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch
The Life of Henry Third Earl of Southampton Shakespeares Patron
Stories about Whale-Catching
Theology Explained and Defended in a Series of Sermons Volume 1
A Treatise on Bread and Bread-Making
Twelve Songs for Kindergarten and Primary Schools
History of the English Revolution of 1640 From the Accession of Charles I to His Death
A Voyage Round the World in the Years 1740 41 42 43 44 To Which Are Prefixed a Memoir of Lord Anson and Preface
A Treatise on the Method of Least Squares Or the Application of the Theory of Probabilities in the Combination of Observations
The Apostolic Fathers
Geology of Colorado Ore Deposits
Aviation Engines
Across the San Juan Mountains
A Handbook of Surface Anatomy and Landmarks
The Ear Its Anatomy Physiology and Diseases
Complete History of the Colored Soldiers in the World War Authentic Story of the Greatest War of Civilized Times and What the Colored Man Did to Uphold Democracy and Liberty
Laws of California Relating to Women and Children
Bible History of the Old Testament
Glossology Or the Additional Means of Diagnosis of Disease to Be Derived from Indications and Appearances of the Tongue [a Paper]
The Imperial Dictionary of the English Language A Complete Encyclopedic Lexicon Literary Scientific and Technological
Portraits of Celebrated Racehorses of the Past and Present Centuries In Strictly Chronological Order Commencing in 1702 and Ending in 1870 Together with Their Respective Pedigrees and Performances Recorded in Full Volume 4
Final Report on the Settlement of Land Revenue in the Delhi District Carried on 1872-77 by Oswald Wood and Completed 1878-80 by R Maconachie
The Science of Painting
Brief Outline of the Study of Theology Drawn Up to Serve as the Basis of Introductory Lectures to Which Are Prefixed Reminiscences of Schleiermacher by F L cke Tr by W Farrer
Complete English-Russian Dictionary
Bibliopegia Or the Art of Bookbinding in All Its Branches Illustrated with Engravings
A Manual of Sanskrit Phonetics In Comparison with the Indogermanic Mother-Language for the Students of Germanic and Classical Philology
Lectures on the Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of the Invertebrate Animals Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons
The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art Based Originally on Bulfinchs Age of Fable (1855) Accompanied by an Interpretative and Illustrative Commentary
Cartulaire de lAbbaye de Beaulieu (En Limousin)
The Spiritual Retreat Transl
The Law of Combinations Embracing Monopolies Trusts and Combinations of Labor and Capital Conspiracy and Contracts in Restraint of Trade Together with Federal and State Antitrust Legislation and the Incorporation Laws of New Jersey West Virginia and
A Handbook for Travellers in Japan Including the Whole Empire from Yezo to Formosa
The New Aid to Memory by a Cambridge MA by RR Knott
Exhibition of Art Treasures of the United Kingdom Held at Manchester in 1857 Report of the Executive Committee
Elements of Quaternions Volume 1
The Students Hand-Book of Forensic Medicine and Medical Police
Mysticism a Study in the Nature and Development of Mans Spiritual Consciousness
The Virgin Mother of Good Counsel A History of the Ancient Sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Genazzano and of the Wonderful Apparition and Miraculous Translation of Her Sacred Image from Scutari in Albania to Genazzano in 1467
Bishop Joseph Butler
Robert W Speer a City Builder
A Progressive Grammar of Common Tamil
The Elwell Family in America A Genealogy of Robert Elwell of Dorchester and Gloucester Mass and the Greater Part of His Descendants to the Fifth Generation with a List of Revolutionary Soldiers of the Name Who Enlisted from the State of Massachuse
Stockholm Through Artist Eyes
Samuel the Prophet
The New Life in Christ Jesus
The Womans Part A Record of Munitions Work
The Money Value of Education
Elements of General Radio-Therapy for Practitioners
The Nature and Properties of Soils A College Text of Edaphology
Reynard the Fox After the German Version of Goethe
The Planting and Development of Missionary Churches
Homer the Odyssey
Ancient Family of Cleland Being an Account of the Clelands of That Ilk in the County of Lanark Of the Branches of Faskine Monkland Etc And of Others of the Name
The Adventures of Unc Billy Possum
History of Wexford County Michigan Embracing a Concise Review of Its Early Settlement Industrial Development and Present Conditions
Oriental Influences in the English Literature of the Early Nineteenth Century
The Art of Controversy And Other Posthumous Papers
A Short History of the Slocums Slocumbs and Slocombs of America Genealogical and Biographical Embracing Eleven Generations of the First-Named Family from 1637 to 1881 With Their Alliances and the Descendants in the Female Lines as Far as Ascertained
The Social Work of the Salvation Army
Diary of Anna Green Winslow A Boston School Girl of 1771
Art and War Canadian War Memorials a Selection of the Works Executed for the Canadian War Memorials Fund to Form a Record of Canadas Part in the Great War and a Memorial to Those Canadians Who Have Made the Great Sacrifice with an Article on War Memo
The Persimmon Tree and Other Stories
Piobaireachd Its Origin and Construction (Tus Is Alt AChiuil-Mhoir)
The Life of Our Saviour Jesus Christ Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Compositions from the Four Gospels Volume 2
Composition A Series of Exercises in Art Structure for the Use of Students and Teachers
Memorials of Montrose and His Times Volume 2
A Short History of Carleton County New Brunswick
Indian Myth and Legend
History of the Selj qs Account of a Rare Manuscript Contained in the Schefer Collection Lately Acquired
On the Antique Painting in Encaustic of Cleopatra Discovered in 1818
The Story of the English Jacobins Being an Account of the Persons Implicated in the Charges of High Treason 1794
A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Latin Language After the System of F Ahn Second Course
Cranbrook Tales
A Biographical Record of Calhoun County Iowa
The Organ of the Twentieth Century A Manual on All Matters Relating to the Science and Art of Organ Tonal Appointment and Divisional Apportionment with Compound Expression
Ketchikan First City in Alaska
History of the Town of Rye New Hampshire From Its Discovery and Settlement to December 31 1903
A Raw Youth a Novel in Three Parts
Somerville Past and Present An Illustrated Historical Souvenir Commemorative of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Establishment of the City Government of Somerville Massachusetts
The St Clair Papers The Life and Public Services of Arthur St Clair Soldier of the Revolutionary War President of the Continental Congress And Governor of the North-Western Territory With His Correspondence and Other Papers Volume 2
Tarpon Fishing in Mexico and Florida
The Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England
Blackford and Grant Counties A Chronicle of Their Past and Present with Family Lineage and Personal Memoirs Volume 2
Past and Present of Platte County Nebraska A Record of Settlement Organization Progress and Achievement Volume 2
Notarys Manual a Lucid and Concise Treatment of the Duties of Notaries Public Together with Forms of Certificates of Acknowledgement and General Legal Information with Which All Notaries Should Be Familiar Price $75
School Gardening for Little Children
The Formation of Pure-Bred Flocks and Their Subsequent Management
The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke
Dictionary of the United States Congress Containing Biographical Sketches of Its Members from the Foundation of the Government With an Appendix
The Story of the First Pioneer Infantry USa
The Beginnings of Quakerism
Whittet A Family Record 1657-1900
Rickets The Relative Importance of Environment and Diet as Factors of Causation An Investigation in London
History of Idaho A Narrative Account of Its Historical Progress Its People and Its Principal Interests Volume 1
John The Baptist Forerunner Martyr
The Tale of a Plain Man
A Representation of the Case of Oliver Pollock
Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions
Documents Relating to Donaldsons Hospital 1851
The Life of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin Baronet His English and American Ancestors
Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majestys Ships Adventure and Beagle Between the Years 1826 and 1836 Describing Their Examination of the Southern Shores of South America and the Beagles Circumnavigation of the Globe Volume 3
Visitors Guide and History of San Antonio Texas from the Foundation (1689) to the Present Time with the Story of the Alamo
Harriet Shelleys Letters to Catherine Nugent
Historical Notes of the Family of Kip of Kipsburg and Kips Bay New York
Souvenir Book of Bloomsburg Pennsylvania Showing Some of the Public Buildings Churches Schools Business Blocks Residences Factories Streets and Other Views
An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures Volume 1
Kinston Whitehall and Goldsboro (North Carolina) Expedition December 1862
Selections from Homers Iliad With an Introduction Notes a Short Homeric Grammar and a Vocabulary by Allen Rogers Brenner
The New Lace Embroidery (Punto Tagliato) with 34 Illustrations
David Copperfield a Reading in Five Chapters Reprinted from the Privately Printed Edition of 1866
In the Bosom of the Comanches Volume 1
The Lands Granted to and Withdrawn for the Benefit of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company of California
The Wheat Plant A Monograph
Robert Andrew Foulis and the Glasgow Press With Some Account of the Glasgow Academy of the Fine Arts
Musical Accompaniment of Moving Pictures A Practical Manual for Pianists and Organists and an Exposition of the Principles Underlying the Musical Interpretation of Moving Pictures
St Dionysius of Alexandria Letters and Treatises
Inborn Errors of Metabolism The Croonian Lectures Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians of London in June 1908
The Slide Rule A Practical Manual
A Star Atlas and Telescopic Handbook (Epoch 1920) for Students and Amateurs Covering the Whole Star Sphere and Showing Over 7000 Stars Nebul and Clusters With Short Descriptive Lists of Objects Suitable for Small Telescopes
History of the Reformation in Germany Volume 1
A Reconstruction of the Nuclear Masses in the Lower Portion of the Human Brain-Stem
The World and the Individual
Armenian Atrocities the Murder of a Nation
Hops Their Cultivation Commerce and Uses in Various Countries a Manual of Reference for the Grower Dealer and Brewer
Hindle Wakes A Play in Three Acts
Resonance in Singing and Speaking
A Sanskrit Manual for High Schools
What Is the Gospel Straightforward Talks on Evangelism
Contributions to Latin Lexicography
The Papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar Volume 2
Economic Minerals and Mining Industries of Canada
Vegetable Gardening and Canning A Manual for Garden Clubs
Youth A Narrative
A Midsummer Nights Dream The First Quarto 1600 A Fac-Simile in Photo-Lithography
The Habits of the Salmon
Manual of Harmony Being an Elementary Treatise of the Principles of Thorough Bass with an Explanation of the System of Notation
Neuropathology Or the Nervous Origin of Disease
United States Coast Pilot Atlantic Coast Part V New York to Chesapeake Bay Entrance Part 5
The Columbia Book of Musical Masterworks
Illustrations of Kilpeck Church Herefordshire In a Series of Drawings Made on the Spot with an Essay on Ecclesiastical Design and a Descriptive Interpretation
Longinus on the Sublime
Biological Effects of Radiation Mechanism and Measurement of Radiation Applications in Biology Photochemical Reactions Effects of Radiant Energy on Organisms and Organic Products Volume 1
Text-Book of Religion and Ethics for Jewish Children Parts 1-3
Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions [reports] 16
The Clan McNary of the USa
Alberta Cattle and Horse Brands
Notes on the Indica of Ctesias
Historic Studies in Vaud Berne and Savoy From Roman Times to Voltaire Rousseau and Gibbon Volume 2
Oedipus King of Thebes Translated Into English Rhyming Verse with Explanatory Notes by Gilbert Murray
The Anatomy of Bibliomania
The Annals of Ireland Tr from the Orig Irish of the Four Masters by O Connellan
Sixty Russian Folk-Songs for One Voice Volume 3
Essays in the Intellectual Powers of Man To Which Is Annexed an Analysis of Aristotle Logic
The Andaman Islands
The Hymns of Wesley and Watts
The Lives of the Chief Justices of England From the Norman Conquest Till the Death of Lord Mansfield Volume 2
Homage to Byzantium The Life and Work of Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis
The Hymnal of the Reformed Church
David Livingstone His Life and Letters
Hunting and Fishing Along the North-Western Line A Book Descriptive of the Best Resorts in America for Deer Bear Goose Duck and Snipe Shooting
The Art of Singing Based on the Principles of the Old Italian Singing-Masters and Dealing with Breath-Control Production of the Voice and Registers Together with Exercises
History of the Frankfort Cemetery
The Ingoldsby Legends Or Mirth and Marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby Carmine Ed
A History of Modern Philosophy A Sketch of the History of Philosophy from the Close of the Renaissance to Our Own Day Volume 2
The Hopewell Mound Group of Ohio Fieldiana Anthropology V6 No 5
The Commonwealth Teacher-Training Study
Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
A Commentary on St Pauls Epistles to the Corinthians
History of Randolph County Indiana with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers To Which Are Appended Maps of Its Several Townships
The Commissariot Record of Hamilton and Campsie Register of Testaments 1564-1800 20
Ta Tsing Leu Li Being the Fundamental Laws and a Selection from the Supplementary Statutes of the Penal Code of China
Hope for South Africa
Identifying Substitute and Complementary Relationships Revealed by Consumer Variety Seeking Behavior
Golden Potlatch
Napoleon and King Murat a Biography Compiled from Hitherto Unknown and Unpublished Documents
Thrilling Adventures of William Callender a Union Spy from Des Moines
Report of the General Superintendent of the Census 1890
Printers Errors
Genealogy and Memoirs of Charles and Nathaniel Stearns and Their Descendants
Days from Seventy Five to Ninety
A Jewish Calendar for Fifty Years Containing Detailed Tables of the Sabbaths New Moons Festivals and Fasts the Portions of the Law Proper to Them and the Corresponding Christian Dates from AM 5614 Till AM 5664
The Principles of Population and Their Connection with Human Happiness Volume 2
Huebingers Map and Guide for River to River Road
Nebraska City The Most Beautiful City of Nebraska As It Is Today in Story and Pictures
The Genealogies Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach Commonly Called ODowdas Country Now First Published from the Book of Lecan in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy and from the Genealogical Manuscript of Duald Mac Firbis in the Library of Lo
Gems from Petofi and Other Hungarian Poets [translated] with a Memoir of the Former and a Review of Hungarys Poetical Literature
The Family Record
History of Passaic and Its Environs Historical-Biographical Volume 2
Reminiscences of Plymouth Luzerne County Penna A Pen Picture of the Old Landmarks of the Town The Names of Old Residents The Manners Customs and Descriptive Scenes and Incidents of Its Early History
The Young Acadian Or the Raid from Beaus jour
The History of Redwood County Minnesota Volume 1
Dr Owens-Adair Some of Her Life Experiences Dr Owens- Adair
The Village And Other Poems Religious and Miscellaneous
History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Volume I
Letters in Defence of the Hartford Convention and the People of Massachusetts
The New Dressmaker With Complete and Fully Illustrated Instructions on Every Point Connected with Sewing Dressmaking and Tailoring from the Actual Stitches to the Cutting Making Altering Mending and Cleaning of Clothes for Ladies Misses Girls Ch
Genealogy of the Descendants of John Guild Dedham Massachusetts
Right Royal
The Sacred Theory of the Earth Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth and of All the General Changes Which It Hath Already Undergone or Is to Undergo Till the Consumation of All Things Volume 2
Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Oregon Held at Salem Commencing August 17 1857 Together with the Constitution Adopted by the People November 9 1857
The Machinery of Parliamentary Legislation Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Genealogical Memoir of the Newcomb Family Containing Records of Nearly Every Person of the Name in America from 1635-1874 Also the First Generation of Children Descended from Females Who Have Lost the Name Newcomb by Marriage with Notices of the Family
History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Volume III
The Moth Book A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Moths of North America
The Works of the Rev John Witherspoon to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Authors Life in a Sermon Occasioned by His Death Volume 2
Introduction to the Pancaratra and the Ahirbudhnya Samhita
The Life and Labors of Rev Henry S Gordon Founder of the Free Baptist Church in Southern Illinois Together with Pictures and Sketches of One Hundred Other Free Baptists Dead and Living
A Brief Narrative of the Ravages of the British and Hessians at Princeton in 1776-1777 A Contemporary Account of the Battles of Trenton and Princeton
History of the Sabbath And First Day of the Week
Genealogy of the Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem Mass The Original Emigrants and the Ancestors of the Families Who Have Since Borne His Name
Europe in China The History of Hongkong from the Beginning to the Year 1882
Memoirs of the Twentieth Century [by S Madden]
The Doctrines of the Salvation Army Prepared for the Training Homes
Ancient Egypt 1920-23
Civil Index B Posey County Ind Office of the County Clerk
British Libellulinae Or Dragon Flies Illustrated in a Series of Lithograph Drawings with a Brief Description of the Insects Times of Appearance c
Challenge to Survive History of the Salish Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation 2008 Vol 2
An Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain Respecting the United States of America Part First Containing an Historical Outline of Their Merits and Wrongs as Colonies and Strictures Upon the Calumnies of the British Writers
The Aboriginal Races of India
The Dispatches and Letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson With Notes Volume 1
Vine Clad City a Souvenir of Boonville Mo
The Christmas Story from David Harum
The Church Bells of Essex Their Founders Inscriptions Traditions and Uses
Meditations and Devotions
The Princess in the Fairy Tale a Garden Fairy Story for Children in One Act
King Alfreds Anglo-Saxon Version of the Metres of Boethius With an English Translation and Notes
The Olive in California Varieties Budding Grafting New Methods and General Observations
Survey of the Kindergartens of Richmond Indiana
A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee
General Index to the Edinburgh Review from Its Commencement in October
The Supreme System of Cutting and Grading Trousers
History of the Schools of Columbus Ohio
Pansies for Thoughts from the Writings of Pansy--Mrs G R Alden
The Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporations of the Town of Chatham Massachusetts Volume 1
Jacksonville and Florida Facts
Historical Collections of Harrison County in the State of Ohio with Lists of the First Land-Owners Early Marriages (to 1841) Will Records (to 1861) Burial Records of the Early Settlements and Numerous Genealogies
The Story of General Anthony Wayne (Mad Anthony) the Hero of Stony Point
What I Saw at Bull Run
The Adventures of Hatim Ta A Romance
A Vindication of James Hepburn Fourth Earl of Bothwell Third Husband of Mary Queen of Scots
The Tragedy of Superstition
To Establish Agricultural Extension Departments Hearing Before the
Asymptotic Expansion of Multiple Integrals and the Method of Stationary Phase
The Bugbear of Literacy
Oregon Native Son and Historical Magazine Volume 1
Indian Painting
The Mosaic Account of Creation Illustrated
A Brief History of John and Christian Fretz and a Complete Genealogical Family Register with Biographies of Their Descendants from the Earliest Available Records to the Present Time
Camp Stoves and Fireplaces
Bradwell Ancient and Modern History of the Parish and Incidents in the Hope Valley District Being Collections and Recollections in a Peakland Village
Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests Medical Economical and Agricultural Being Also a Medical Botany of the Confederate States With Practical Information on the Useful Properties of the Trees Plants and Shrubs
Catalogue of Paintings by Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida
English Humorists of the Eighteenth Century Sir Richard Steele Joseph Addison Laurence Sterne Oliver Goldsmith
Life and Medical Discoveries of Samuel Thomson and a History of the Thomsonian Materia Medica as Shown in the New Guide to Health (1835) and the Literature of That Day Including Portraits of Samuel Thomson The Famous Letters of Professor Benjamin
Mr Poilu Notes and Sketches with the Fighting French
A Book of Homage to Shakespeare
The Anglo-Norman Dialect A Manual of Its Phonology and Morphology With Illustrative Specimens of the Literature
A Catalogue of the Descendants of Thomas Watkins of Chickahomony Va Who Was the Common Ancestor of Many of the Families of the Name in Prince Edward Charlotte and Chesterfield Counties Virginia
Plane Surveying a Text and Reference Book for the Use of Students in Engineering and for Engineers Generally
The American Standard of Excellence as Revised by the United Poultry Fanciers of America Convened Under the Auspices of the American Poultry Association at Their Convention Held in Buffalo N Y January 15 1874 Giving a Complete Description of All Th
Modern Microscopy A Handbook for Beginners in Two Parts
Longfellow [selected Poems]
Three Centuries of Prices of Wheat Flour and Bread War Prices and Their Causes
The Zeiss Works and the Carl-Zeiss Stiftung in Jena Their Scientific Technical and Sociological Development and Importance
Studies on Cooling of Fresh Concrete in Freezing Weather
Historical Sketches of Towns in Plymouth and Barnstable Counties Massachusetts
Technocracy First Second and Third Series Social Universals
The International Mind An Argument for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes
Lady Morgans Memoirs Autobiography Diaries and Correspondence Volume 1-2
A Manual of the Ornithology of the United States and of Canada Volume 2 Water Birds
The Tale of a Field Hospital
Spalding Memorial A Genealogical History of Edward Spalding of Massachusetts Bay and His Descendants
Sangerville Maine 1814-1914 Proceedings of the Centennial Celebration June 13 1914
Westminster Abbey Its Architecture History and Monuments Volume 1
A History of St Pauls School
Essays on the Theory of Numbers I Continuity and Irrational Numbers II the Nature and Meaning of Numbers
The Royal Pastime of Cock-Fighting Or the Art of Breeding Feeding Fighting and Curing Cocks of the Game Published Purely for the Good and Benefit of All Such as Take Delight in That Royal and Warlike Sport to Which Is Prefixed a Short Treatise
An Illustrated History of Walla Walla County State of Washington Volume 1
The Spedding Family with Short Accounts of a Few Other Families Allied by Marriage
Descendants of Francis Le Baron of Plymouth Mass
The Bible Looking Glass Reflector Companion and Guide to the Great Truths of the Sacred Scriptures and Illustrating the Diversities of Human Character and the Qualities of the Human Heart Consisting of Six Books in Two Parts
A Compendious View of Natural and Revealed Religion
Reflections on the World War Volume 1
Selections from the Tatler Spectator and Guardian
The Psychological Origin and the Nature of Religion
The Legend of Aulus
The Voice of the Ancient
Chazy Central Rural School
A Key to Southern Pedigrees Being a Comprehensive Guide to the Colonial Ancestry of Families in the States of Virginia Maryland Georgia North Carolina South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee West Virginia and Alabama
Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late Hon Ezra Wilkinson Including a Vary Rare Collection of the Statute Laws of Massachusetts To Be Sold by Auction Sept 19th 20th 21st and 22d 1882 in the Library Salesroom Boston Sulliva
Look about You 1600
The History of Eastport and Vicinity
Mass Media and Violence A Report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
Cobbetts Parliamentary Debates During the Session of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the Kingdom of Great Britain Volume 1
History of Buchanan County Iowa with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
The Early English Organ Builders and Their Works from the Fifteenth Century to the Period of the Great Rebellion an Unwritten Chapter in the History of the Organ a Lecture Delivered Before the College of Organists Nov 15 1864
Life of Robert E Lee
Philistine and Genius
Pumping Machinery For Operation by Any Power Single and Double Acting Triplex Pumps for Various Services Deep Well Power Working Heads Artesian Well Cylinders Rotary and Centrifugal Pumps Manufactured by the Deming Company Salem Ohio USa
The Revolution of Nicaragua and the United States
Preliminary Studies in Bridge Design Being the First of a Series of Small Volumes Each Complete in Itself Dealing with the Design of Ordinary Highway Bridges of Moderate Spans
The Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth RI
R Caldecotts Picture Book Containing the Diverting History of John Gilpin the Three Jovial Huntsmen an Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog All Illustrated in Colour and Black and White
Researches on the Multiplication of Elliptic Functions
Biographical Record of the Alumni of Amherst College 1821-[1896]
Present Day Political Organization of China
McArthur Family Record
Sadie Shapiros Knitting Book
Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana Volume 04
Early Cloning and Recombinant DNA Technology at Herbert W Boyers Ucsf Laboratory in the 1970s Oral History Transcript 200
The Free Grant Lands of Canada From Practical Experience of Bush Farming in the Free Grant Districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound
Tsiology A Discourse on Tea Being an Account of That Exotic
The Mineralogy of Arizona
The Religions of India
Mr Lees Plan - March 29 1777 The Treason of Charles Lee Major General Second in Command in the American Army of the Revolution
The Loyalists of Massachusetts and the Other Side of the American Revolution
Simplified Library School Rules Card Catalog Accession Book Numbers Shelf List Capitals
Notes on the Geometry of the Plane Triangle
Goethes Vater Eine Studie
The Black Crook a Most Wonderful History Now Being Performed with Immense Success in All the Principal Theatres Throughout the United States
Tiberius Gracchus An Historical Tragedy
The Pleasures of the Table An Account of Gastronomy from Ancient Days to Present Times
Principles of Biography The Leslie Stephen Lecture Delivered in the Senate House Cambridge on 13 May 1911
Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties New Jersey
The Circus Its Origin and Growth Prior to 1835 with a Sketch of Negro Minstrelsy
Four Brothers in Blue Or Sunshine and Shadows of the War of the Rebellion A Story of the Great Civil War from Bull Run to Appomattox
The Life of Abraham Lincoln From His Birth to His Inauguration as President
The Romance of Commerce
Guernsey Folk Lore A Collection of Popular Superstitions Legendary Tales Peculiar Customs Proverbs Weather Sayings Etc of the People of That Island
The Octopus A Story of California
The Four Temperaments in Children Their Appearance and Treatment in Rearing and in the School as Appendix The Temperament of Parents and Teachers
Order Book of Fort Sullivan and Extracts from Journals of Soldiers in Gen Sullivans Army Relating to Fort Sullivan at Tioga Point Pennsylvania 1779
The History and Antiquities of Castle Rising Norfolk
Thomas Traherne Mystic and Poet
Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution April 1775 to December 1783
The Tale of My Exile
Thurston Genealogies
The Fundamentals A Testimony to the Truth
Instructions in the Art of Modeling in Clay
Early Days in New England Life and Times of Henry Burt of Springfield and Some of His Descendants Genealogical and Biographical Mention of James and Richard Burt of Taunton Mass and Thomas Burt MP of England
Twentieth Century Instruction Book Artistic Ladies Tailor System
Commentary on Romans and Hebrews
The Old Streets of New York Under the Dutch a Paper Read Before the New York Historical Society June 2 1874
The Speaking Voice A Collection of Vocal Exercises
Allusions to Witchcraft and Other Primitve Beliefs in the Zoroastrian Literature
History of Cecil County Maryland And the Early Settlements Around the Head of Chesapeake Bay and on the Delaware River with Sketches of Some of the Old Families of Cecil County
Colonel John Scott of Long Island (1634)-1696
Standard - Bred Wyandottes Silver Laced Golden Laced White Buff Black and Partridge
The Original Papers and Letters Relating to the Scots Company Trading to Africa and the Indies From the Memorial Given in Against Their Taking Subscriptions at Hamburgh by Sir Paul Ricaut His Majestys Resident There to Their Last Address Sent Up to
Readings in American Government and Politics
Battle Maps and Charts of the American Revolution with Explanatory Notes and School History References
S S U 503 of the U S Army Ambulance Service with the French Army
The Goodwin Families in America
Vital Records of West Gardiner Maine to the Year 1892
Man and the Cosmos An Introduction to Metaphysics
The Star-Treader And Other Poems
The Faith of Other Men
A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Injunctions
Engineering Preliminaries for an Interurban Electric Railway
The Literary Study of the Bible
The Philosophy of P P Quimby
Brownian Movement and Molecular Reality
Julius Rosenwald Fund 1917 1936review of Two Decades
A Manuscript Found in the Portfolio of Las Casas Containing Maxims and Observations of Napoleon Collected During the Last Two Years of His Residence at St Helena
An Introduction to the Episcopal Church
A Collection of Chess Problems
Grimms Complete Fairy Tales
Jesus Myth or History
Fifty Years of Glass Making 1869-1919
John Vanbrughs the Relapse A Study of Its Meaning
History of the Medical Department of the University of Louisville An Introductory Lecture Delivered November 1st 1852
Principles of Modern Hairdressing
A Tour of the Prairies
A Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts on the Most Interesting and Entertaining Subjects Reign of King James II Reign of King William III
The Magic of Jewels and Charms
Worcester Legends Incidents Anecdotes Reminiscences Etc Connected with the Early History of Worcester Mass and Vicinity
History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Mexico Personal Reminiscences Present Conditions and Future Outlook
William West of Scituate RI Farmer Soldier Statesman
Straits Law Reports Being a Report of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the Straits Settlements Penang Singapore and Malacca Also a Few Judgments of the Indian and English Cases With an Analytical Index
Hand-Book to the Public Records
How to Conduct the Recitation and the Principles Underlying Methods of Teaching in Classes
Sketches of Maj-Gen Stephen Dodson Ramseur
A List of Books (with References to Periodicals) on Mercantile Marine Subsidies
The Coffin Family The Life of Tristram Coffyn of Nantucket Mass Founder of the Family Line in America Together with Reminiscences and Anecdotes of Some of His Numerous Descendants and Some Historical Information Concerning the Ancient Families Nam
Elements of Hindu Iconography
The Prospects of Franklin County Illinois 1912
Twenty Minutes of Reality An Experience with Some Illuminating Letters Concerning It
Of Queens Gardens
The History of Grand-Pre
Radium and Other Radio-Active Elements a Popular Account Treated Experimentally by Leonard A Levy and Herbert G Willis
The Institutional Care of the Insane in the United States and Canada Volume 1
The Double-Curve Motive in Northeastern Algonkian Art
Who Burnt Columbia Official Depositions of Wm Tecumseh Sherman and Gen OO Howard USA for the Defence and Extracts from Some of the Depositions for the Claimants
Shaksperes Sonnets The First Quarto 1609 a Facsimile in Photo-Lithography (from the Copy in the British Museum) Volume No30
The Famine in Europe the Facts and Suggested Remedies Being a Report of the International Economic Conference Called by the Fight the Famine Council and Held at Caxton Hall Westminster London on the 4th 5th and 6th of Nov 1919 by Lord Parmoor
Genealogies of the Families of Bate and Kirkland of Ashby-De-La-Zouch [by JP Rylands]
A Grammar of the Samaritan Language with Extracts and Vocabulary
A Church and Community Survey of Salem County New Jersey
Elliptic Functions an Elementary Text-Book for Students of Mathematics
A London Plane-Tree and Other Verse
Pamphlets V 1836-189
History of the Norwegian People
Reminiscences of the Guilford Grays Co B 27th N C Regiment
The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife A Comedy in Two Acts
The Paradise of Childhood A Manual for Self-Instruction in Friedrich Froebels Educational Principles and a Practical Guide to Kinder-Gartners
The Religion of Ancient Rome
The Marne A Tale of the War
The Rare Earth Industry Including the Manufacture of Incandescent Mantles Pyrophoric Alloys and Electrical Glow Lamps
Practical Typography A Series of Exercises Explaining and Illustrating the Most Approved Methods Used in Correct Composition for the Teacher and Student
Treasury of Thought Forming an Encyclop dia of Quotations from Ancient and Modern Authors
An Imperial Obligation Industrial Villages for Partially Disabled Soldiers Sailors
Lexicon to the English Poetical Works of John Milton
Official Illustrated Catalogue Fine Arts Exhibit United States of America Paris Exposition 1900
Chinese Music
The Story of the 27th Division
The Mystics of Islam
Argonauts of the Western Pacific An Account of Native Enterprise and Adventure in the Archipelagoes of Melanesian New Guinea with a Pref by Sir James George Frazer
An Investigation of the Methods of Bacterial Technique Preparation of Cultural Media Cultural Characteristics and the Calssification of Bacteria
Soyers Culinary Campaign Being Historical Reminiscences of the Late War With the Plain Art of Cookery for Military and Civil Institutions the Army Navy Public Etc Etc
Birds of Arkansas
A Modern Pentecost in South China
Jacobis Method Is More Accurate Than Qr
First Annual Gathering of the Clan MacLean Association of North America Held in the City of Chicago June 12-16 1893
A Manual of Psychological Medicine Containing the History Nosology Description Statistics Diagnosis Pathology and Treatment of Insanity with an Appendix of Cases
Cycling in Europe
The Fighting Man of Japan The Training and Exercises of the Samurai
A History of the Jews
The Effects of Atomic Bombs on Health and Medical Services in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
A Dictionary of Pianists and Composers for the Pianoforte With an Appendix of Manufacturers of the Instrument
The Champion Genealogy A History of the Descendants of Henry Champion of Saybrook and Lyme Connecticut Together with Some Account of Other Families of the Name Volume 2
Hills Equation II Transformations Approximation Examples
Francis Davis Millet Memorial Meeting The American Federation of Arts Held in the National Museum Washington DC 1912
Indian Home Rule Reprinted with a New Foreword by the Author
The Labor Movement in Japan
The Education of Migrant Children a Study of the Educational Opportunities and Experiences of the Children of Agricultural Migrants
Balloons Airships and Flying Machines
An Outline Introductory to Kants Critique of Pure Reason
The Poetical Works of Professor Wilson Volume 12
Locomotive Dictionary An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms Which Designate American Railroad Locomotives Their Parts Attachments and Details of Construction with Definitions and Illustrations of Typical British Locomotive Practice
The Way of Salvation Or Lecture Commentaries on Bunyans Pilgrims Progress
The Pilgrim Fathers
The Most Beautiful Thing in the World
The Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow Lieutenant-General of the Horse in the Army of the Commonwealth of England 1625-1672 Volume 2
The Communists of Paris 1871 Types Physiognomies Characters
Working with the People
A History of Quebec Its Resources and People Illustrated Volume 2
Form and Myth in Three Novels by Iris Murdoch The Flight from the Enchanter the Bell and a Severed Head
A Book of Country Houses Comprising Nineteen Examples Illustrated on Sixty-Two Plates
The Life of Devils Lake North Dakota
Getzendanner Family of Frederick County Maryland Incl a Sketch of the Buckey and Salmon Families the Ancestors of the Children of Abraham Getzendanner His Wife Mary E (Buckey)
Filippino Lippi
The Japanese Aircraft Industry
Know-How Transfer by Multinational Corporations to Developing Countries A System Dynamics Model with Spiral Loops
Sesame and Lilies Two Lectures by John Ruskin
Dissertations on the Genuineness of Daniel and the Integrity of Zechariah
A Handbook to the Art and Architecture of the Boston Public Library
The Contrabandista or the Law of the Ladrones Comic Opera in Two Acts
Mythology of the Blackfoot Indians Volume 2 Issues 1-2
The Anatomy of the Common Mussels (Mytilus Latus Edulis and Magellanicus)
History of Philosophy
Hatters Castle
Design for Power Plant
Descendants of Joseph Loomis Who Came from Braintree England in the Year 1638 and Settled in Windsor Conn in 1639
H M Corvette
A Present to Families A Practical Work on the Covenant of Grace as Given to Abraham Designed to Promote Family Religion
Birds of Samoa A Manual of Ornithology of Birds Inhabiting These Islands
A Guide to Golconda Fort and Tombs
Hellmann-Feynman Forces and Dipole Moments Using Multiple-Scattering XA Wavefunctions for Diatomic Molecules
Hitler and the Nazi Dictatorship
Have a Heart Vocal Score
Life in the West of Ireland Drawn and Painted
History of the Cross The Pagan Origin and Idolatrous Adoption and Worship of the Image
Indian After Dinner Stories
A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America
History of the Rashtrakutas
Heroic Poetry
The Dyess Story
Handbook of Mathematical Psychology Chapters 9 14 Volume II
The Flora of Singapore
An Impartial History of the Wars of Ireland with a Continuation Thereof
The Eight Points of the Oxford Group
The Indians of Greater New York
Interlocking Subversion in Government Departments Hearing Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security ACT and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Eighty-Third Congre Pt 11
The Fables of sop and Others Translated Into Human Nature
Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
The Grey Feet of the Wind Poems
Minutes of the Provincial Congress and the Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey [1775-1776]
English Dialects from the Eighth Century to the Present Day
Field Service Manual 1914 Infantry Battalion (Expeditionary Force)
Morris Dance Tunes
Sonnets and Other Verses
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment the Career of the Fourth Iowa Veteran Volunteers from Kansas to Georgia 1861-1865
Buchanan Family Records an Account of the First American Settlers and Colonial Families of the Name of Buchanan and Other Genealogical and Historical Data Mostly New and Original Material Including Early Wills and Marriages Heretofore Unpublished
The Works of William Blake Poetic Symbolic and Critical Edited with Lithographs of the Illustrated Prophetic Books and a Memoir and Interpretation by Edwin John Ellis and William Butler Yeats Volume 3
The History of the 323rd Regiment of Field Artillery 158th F A Brigade 83rd Division 32nd Division
The House of Austria in the Thirty Years War Two Lectures with Notes and Illustrations
Pneumatic Conveying A Concise Treatment of the Principles Methods and Applications of Pneumatic Conveyance of Materials with Special Reference to the Conveying and Elevating of Heavy Solid Materials for Engineers Works Managers and Students
History of California Volume 2
The Life and Times of Hannibal Hamlin
The Senate of Canada Its Constitution Powers and Duties Historically Considered
The Church of Scotland Year-Book
The Story of Sitka the Historic Outpost of the Northwest Coast The Chief Factory of the Russian-American Company
Fragments of Ancient Poetry Collected in the Highlands of Scotland and Translated from the Galic or Erse Language
Birds Uncaged and Other Poems
The Fencing Master
Songs of Adieu
Bohemian San Francisco Its Restaurants and Their Most Famous Recipes The Elegant Art of Dining
Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
Thomas Linley Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Thomas Mathews Their Connections with Bath
Stereoscopic Studies of Anatomy Volume 9
The Hohenzollerns a Historical Study
Reminiscences of Old New Utrecht and Gowanus
Radical Views about the New Testament
International Dessert and Pastry Specialties of the World Famous Chefs United States Canada Europe The Dessert Book from the International Cooking Library
The Book of Coniston
Studio Pottery
The Iron Ores of Lake Superior Containing Some Facts of Interest Relating to Mining and Shipping of the Ore and Location of Principal Mines with Original Maps of the Ranges
Wyandot Folk-Lore
Bacteriology in a Nutshell A Primer for Nurses
A Sketch of the Turki Language as Spoken in Eastern Turkistan (Kashgar and Yarkand) Grammar [including 21 P of Extracts in Turkish
Interest and Effort in Education
Life and Deeds of Dr John McGregor Including Scenes of His Childhood Also Scenes on the Battle Field of Bull Run at the Prisons in Richmond Charleston Castle Pinckney Columbia Salisbury on the Banks of the James River His Escape His Return Home
The Text Book of Freemasonry Compiled by a Retired Member of the Craft
The History of Early Relations Between the United States and China 1784-1844
Humorous Monologues and Dramatic Scenes
The Book of Jade
An Historical and Architectural Essay on Redcliffe Church Bristol Illustrated by Engraved Plans Views and Architectural Details An Account of the Monuments and Anecdotes of Eminent Persons Interested Within Its Walls Also an Essay on the Life an
The Peace Problem
History of Northampton County [pennsylvania] and the Grand Valley of the Lehigh Under Supervision and Revision of William J Heller Assisted by an Advisory Board of Editors Volume 2
A Souvenir History of the Parish of St Pauls Kent County Maryland
Political Hand-Book of Berks County Pennsylvania 1752-1883 By Morton L Montgomery
Birch Bark Legends of Niagara Founded on Traditions Among the Iroquois or Six Nations A Story of the Lunar-Bow Or Origin of the Totem of the Wolf
The First New York (Lincoln) Cavalry from April 19 1861 to July 7 1865
Ashanti Proverbs the Primitive Ethics of a Savage People
Homes and Hotels in Paris
Handbook of Commercial Englis
The Exploration of Jacobs Cavern McDonald County Missouri
Practical Management of Pure Yeast The Application and Examination of Brewery Distillery and Wine Yeasts
The Creeds and Platforms of Congregationalism
The Secularization of American Education as Shown by State Legislation State Constitutional Provisions and State Supreme Court Decisions
Vital Records of Farmingdale Maine to the Year 1892
Hampshire Recusants A Story of Their Troubles in the Time of Queen Elizabeth
Spicilegium Syriacum Containing Remains of Bardesan Meliton Ambrose and Mara Bar Serapion Now First Edited with an English Translation and Notes
Gold Mine Accounts and Costing a Practical Manual for Officials Accountants Book-Keepers Etc
From Mill Boy to Minister An Intimate Account of the Life of the Rt Honourable JR Clynes MP
Manners Customs and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance Period
A Handbook of Orchestration
Laws of the State of New York Relating to Religious Corporations Also the ACT Authorizing the Incorporation of Benevolent Charitable Scientific and Missionary Societies Together with the Statutes Relating to Burial Grounds and Cemeteries with Note
The Osireion at Abydos Volume 9
In the Uttermost East Being an Account of Investigations Among the Natives and Russian Convicts of the Island of Sakhalin with Notes of Travel in Korea Siberia and Manchuria
The Battle of Wavre and Grouchys Retreat A Study of an Obscure Part of the Waterloo Campaign
The Life of the Angelic Doctor St Thomas Aquinas
Moni the Goat Boy
Key to the Ottoman-Turkish Conversation-Grammar
The Right to and the Cause for Action Both Civil and Criminal at Law in Equity and Admiralty Under the Common Law and Under the Codes
Marshall Field and Company The Life Story of a Great Concer
A History of Education in Ancient India
Abbreviated Longhand A Manual of Short Forms for Longhand Writers Adapted to All the Popular Uses of Brief Writing and for Adoption in the Public Schools
The Story of Tristan [and] Iseult Volume 1
Broad-Sheet Ballads Being a Collection of Irish Popular Songs
History of the Town of Exeter New Hampshire
A Life of Pope St Gregory the Great
Conference of Bishops of the Anglican Communion Holden at Lambeth Palace in July 1897 Encyclical Letter from the Bishops with the Resolutions and Reports
Souvenir and Views of Union Pacific the Overland Route the Worlds Pictorial Line (En Route to California)
Souvenir of Clifton Springs NY the Sanitarium and Environs
The History of Dallas County Iowa Containing a History of the County Its Cities Towns c
Hammonds Business Atlas of Economic Geography A New Series of Maps Showing Relief of the Land Temperature Rainfall Natural Vegetation Productive and Non-Productive Regions Mineral Products Agricultural Products Distribution of Population Etc
Bethlehem Pa Photo-Gravures
Lives of the Cambro British Saints of the Fifth and Immediate Succeeding Centuries from Ancient Welsh Latin Mss in the British Museum and Elsewhere with English Translations and Explanatory Notes
History of Suffolk County New York
A Clinical Atlas of Sectional and Topographical Anatomy

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